Since its founding as Thomas Electronics of Australia in 1956, Thomas Global and its products have been recognized for practical innovation, reliability and state-of-the-art technology. Thomas Electronics of Australia, originally founded by Thomas Electronics, Inc. of New Jersey together with a consortium of Australian investors, initially manufactured monochrome picture tubes for the Australian television market. The company steadily grew, and by the late 1960s, was the largest manufacturer of cathode ray tubes (CRTs) in Australia and had also become independent of its former parent company.

Over the next few decades, Thomas Global continued to expand CRT production, while also broadening its product focus into new CRT markets.  In the early 1980s the company developed businesses in military display systems, including production of avionic CRT assemblies for the key F/A-18 and Seahawk helicopter programs.  With the sale by Thorn EMI of its 50% shareholding in 1986, the company began to develop businesses supporting avionic displays and related systems for commercial air transport customers globally, later developing LCD based flight deck solutions.  The company also developed a defense mission systems group designing and supporting specialist military systems in Australia and the United States.  

Today, Thomas Global's products and solutions are installed in the flight decks of major airlines and military aircraft operators, and in other military land, air and sea platforms globally.  The company’s offices and facilities strategically located in Australia and the United States provide a platform to support and expand relationships with customers worldwide.  Thomas Global's balanced business model between aerospace and defense allows it to leverage technology from both areas – bringing innovative solutions to each market segment with maximum efficiency and reliability.

The future presents significant opportunities and challenges for enhancing our customers’ operations, efficiency and safety through developments in aviation and defense electronics. Thomas Global is committed to applying practical innovation and technology to deliver our customers reliable solutions that meet the needs of tomorrow.