Engineering & Design

Thomas Global maintains extensive AS9100D certified engineering capabilities to support internal and external programs across a range of complex, mission critical aviation and defense electronics.

Our Engineering Department is responsible for the design, development, integration, and testing for all internal and external programs and works closely with manufacturing and support teams over program lifecycles.

Our services include:

Systems Engineering

  • Aviation and defense systems architecture development
  • ISO15288 / INCOSE systems engineering approach
  • Systems / product life cycle management (PLM)
  • Requirements allocation and tracking

Hardware Engineering

  • Mission and safety critical hardware design assurance (up to Level A)
  • System, graphics, and video processing design
  • FPGA design – Xilinx, Intel, Microsemi
  • Processor and display architecture
  • Electro-optical design
  • Power Supply design
  • Control systems design/servo systems
  • Communication protocols – RS232, RS422, RS485, ARINC429, USB, Ethernet, I2C, CAN
  • Video protocols – RS170, LVDS, VGA, DVI, HDMI, SDI, MIPI
  • Circuit tolerance analysis
  • Hardware integration
  • PWB design
  • EMC/EMI design
  • RF/ Microwave design

Mechanical Engineering

  • Design for MIL-STD environmental qualification
  • Enclosures/ packaging design
  • Human factors engineering – MIL-STD-1472F
  • Ruggedization design for extreme environments
  • Structural, vibration, shock, and thermal analysis
  • Environmental and EMI testing

Software Engineering

  • Architecture and code design, development, testing, integration, V&V and deployment
  • Driver, control, GUI, web layer development
  • C/C++, Assembler, Ada, Python, Java scripting
  • Specialized I/O
  • Hardware/software integration

Embedded Systems Engineering

  • Graphics/ video processor firmware and algorithm design
  • Development and testing of embedded code of microcontrollers and FPGAs
  • RTOS and control systems design

Reliability, Maintainability, Safety Engineering

  • Reliability predictions and analysis – MIL-HDBK-217, Fides
  • HASS, HALT reliability development testing and screening
  • Reliability development testing and screening
  • Failure analysis, reporting, and corrective action
  • Maintainability analysis, verification, and demonstration
  • Logistics and supportability analysis
  • Safety analysis and reporting
  • Environmental testing/ qualification

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