Advanced Flight Deck Displays

Thomas Global’s Plug-and-Play LCD and Digital Instrument Solutions deliver LCD technology benefits efficiently, and at a lower life cycle cost

Thomas Global’s high-performance AMLCD flat panel flight deck displays neutralize the risks of CRT obsolescence, and capture all the benefits of LCD technology, including higher reliability and performance, lower weight, and lower power requirements, all at a lower life cycle cost. Thomas Global’s innovative plug-and-play design allows our customers to transition to LCD EFIS and Digital Instrument solutions rapidly and seamlessly. Our LCD solutions are fully interchangeable with legacy CRT units, installation can be done on overnights or at the gate, and flight and maintenance crews require no re-training. Thomas Global’s proprietary ADA 2.0™ Adaptive Display Architecture adds functionality and capacity to support emerging requirements.

Thomas Global LCD products are operating across a wide variety of commercial, regional and business aircraft worldwide. With dedicated facilities in Irvine, CA and Sydney, Australia, Thomas Global provides dependable technical support and expert customer service, available anywhere in the world.

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