LCD EFIS Support & Replacement

Trusted, cost effective avionic LCD support solutions

Addressing LCD obsolescence; inserting modern LCD technology; lowering cost of ownership

Thomas Global has developed proprietary technology which facilitates the cost effective life cycle management of avionic LCD display technology. Working together with avionics OEMs, airlines and government agencies, Thomas Global now has the industry’s leading capability to engineer and manufacture new LCD assemblies to replace obsolete, unreliable or uneconomic avionic LCD assemblies.

Our LCD support and replacement solutions allow aircraft operators to manage LCD obsolescence, enhance display reliability, lower costs and restore supply chain predictability. Our expertise allows us to deliver equivalent LCD displays with new materials and driver sets incorporating the latest technology, meaning operators can keep current avionics flying longer and more efficiently.

Our unique in-house capabilities include:

  • Complete LCD assembly replacement
  • HCFL/CCFL backlight repair and replacement
  • HCFL/CCFL to LED backlight upgrade

Our objective is to provide comprehensive support solutions for all avionic LCD display assemblies, backed by our trusted pedigree in the design, manufacture and support of critical avionics.

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