Flat Panel Displays

Thomas Global ground vehicle flat panel/ direct view displays are designed for rugged fixed and mobile applications

Our high-resolution modular tactical targeting and multi-function displays provide the highest levels of performance in demanding environments.

Leveraging Thomas Global’s deep understanding and capabilities of display technology, our flat panel display products provide the perfect solution required for multiple applications, including high accuracy, mission-critical sighting and human-machine interface in armored vehicles. Using Thomas Global’s ADA 2.0™ Adaptive Display Architecture, the solution is fully configurable to interface with legacy and current video standards and data buses in addition to incorporating the growth resources to allow for future requirements such as advanced graphical overlays and sensor fusion. Fully integrated units provide power and control to external sensors using standard vehicle power feeds and a variety of communication protocols.

  • Designed for harsh operating environments of Military vehicles, IFV’s, CRV’s & Main Battle Tanks
    • M1A1 and M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank
    • M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle
    • Stryker Interim Armored Vehicle
    • LAV (Light Armored Vehicle) 25
    • LAV 6.0
    • MPF (Mobile Protected Firepower)
  • Alignment with standard Vehicle Architectures & Data Buses
  • Optimized size, weight & power
  • Fully customizable form factor & interfaces
  • Internal image processing and generation of reticles & symbology
  • Integral Detection, Recognition, Identification (DRI) software to reduce cognitive overload
  • Digital Image Fusion for multiple camera / sensor inputs
  • Video processing utilizing Thomas Global’s ADA 2.0™ Adaptive Display Architecture
  • Field programmable and upgradable

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