Tactical Training Systems

The highest performance in demanding, deployed training environments

Thomas Global’s Tactical Training Systems set a new standard for Next Generation combat vehicle training. High fidelity training system designed to address the training requirements of a Tactical Crew Trainer (TCT) and Advanced Gunnery Training System (AGTS), accurately simulating all crew positions. Available as fixed, mobile or deployable systems, our Tactical Training Systems are engineered to meet all current and future training requirements for combat vehicle platforms. Thomas Global’s design maximizes total training system reliability and maintainability while providing exceptional performance at the most economical total Life Cycle Cost (LCC).

Thomas Global’s Tactical Training Systems permit independent operation of each crew position, with the onboard instructor performing the alternative roles, and can function as a single-vehicle, in a multi-vehicle configuration or using a HLA/DIS gateway to operate as part of a larger networked training scenario.

  • High Fidelity Tactical Crew Trainer (TCT) & Advanced Gunnery Training System (AGTS)
  • Fully immersive environment: Precision replication of Vehicle Crew Positions – Driver, Commander, Gunner & Loader
  • Long service life: Rugged construction of HMI components
  • Fixed (classroom) or mobile (trailer) or deployable (standard ISO container envelope): Transportable by Air, Land & Sea
  • RFI / EMI compliant: Minimizes TEMPEST emissions
  • Environmentally controlled: Deployable in harshest environments
  • High reliability: Proven design maximizing use of COTS / MOTS components
  • Field supportable: Modular design, ease of maintenance
  • Seamless integration: Standard interface for common simulation architectures
  • Reconfigurable to suit:
    • Abrams tanks (M1A1 SA, M1A1 FEP, M1A2 SEPv2, v3)
    • Bradley fighting vehicles (M2A2 ODS SA, M2A3)
    • Boxer Crew Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV)
    • Fire support vehicles (BFIST)
    • High mobility, multi-purpose wheeled vehicles

Thomas Global’s Tactical Training Systems provide the perfect solution for fixed or mobile, high-fidelity individual and collective training for combat vehicle platforms. This rapidly transportable simulation and training system is engineered for the professional training of commanders, gunners, drivers and loaders, supported by an instructor.

Compliant with land, air and sea transport regulations, Thomas Global’s precisely replicated high fidelity vehicle components reduce the reliance on actual components, lowering the overall cost of ownership. Our Tactical Traning Systems are designed to interface with existing training systems, including desktop trainers, and leverages Bohemia Interactive’s Virtual Battlespace version four (VBS4) and its extensive library of global land forces virtual models and terrain. The system hardware and software can be fully customized to meet specific vehicle and user requirements.

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