Thomas Global secures TFD-7000 LCD Flight Displays FAA STC Approval for Boeing 737 Classic

IRVINE, California and SYDNEY, Australia: Thomas Global Systems has achieved a significant milestone with receipt of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval for its TFD-7000 Series plug-and-play LCD flight displays for Boeing 737 CRT-equipped aircraft. It is the first FAA-approved retrofit of its kind for Boeing 737-3/4/500 aircraft.

This latest advance follows completion of the TFD-7000 Series FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO) and STC approvals for Boeing 757/767 aircraft in July of this year. These approvals allow Thomas Global to manufacture and deliver the TFD-7000 Series LCD solution to Boeing 757/767 operators, beginning with industry leader Delta Air Lines. Delta selected the TFD-7000 Series LCD solution to retrofit their Boeing 757/767 aircraft in late 2018.

Thomas Global collaborated with a North American VIP customer to obtain TFD-7000 FAA STC approval for the Boeing 737-3/4/500 fleets, with customer deliveries to begin in November.

“We are delighted to have FAA approvals in place to make our TFD-7000 LCD solution available to Boeing 737 Classic operators” Thomas Global CEO, Angus Hutchinson said. “Introducing a plug-and-play LCD solution for the 737 Classic provides operators with a high-performance, cost-effective solution to the obsolescence and maintenance issues associated with CRTs.”

TFD-7000 series displays offer a lighter, more reliable, and lower lifecycle cost replacement for legacy CRTs, with added functionality and capacity for current and emerging airspace requirements. Its inventive plug-and-play design enables cost-effective installation on overnights or at the gate, with no flight or maintenance crew retraining required.

The TFD-7076/7066 plug-and-play LCD solutions replace legacy Rockwell Collins EDU-776/766 CRT displays currently installed on Boeing 737 Classic, 757 and 767 flight decks. The TFD-7076/7066 LCDs are both interchangeable and intermixable with the existing legacy EDU-776/766 CRT displays and are fully compatible with the EFIP-701D/E Boeing symbol generators.

With FAA B757/767 and 737 STC approvals achieved, Thomas Global is proceeding with validation of the FAA approvals with multiple foreign regulators.

About Thomas Global Systems

Thomas Global is an industry leader in the design, production and support of innovative electronic systems solutions for aerospace and defense applications.  Since 1956, the Company has gained international recognition for practical innovation and dependability.  Thomas Global delivers expertise in advanced flight displays, armored vehicle electronics and mission system solutions supported by dedicated service and support teams operating around the world.  The Company’s facilities are in Sydney, Australia and Irvine, California.

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