Thomas Global unveils TFD-7000 Series CRT-to-LCD upgrade for Boeing 757, 767 and 737 Flight Decks

IRVINE, California and SYDNEY, Australia; May 3, 2018 – Thomas Global Systems announced at the recent 2018 AMC/AEEC General Session in Dallas, Texas that Boeing 757, 767 and 737 operators have a new option for sustaining their existing flight decks while simultaneously increasing reliability, reducing maintenance costs and providing for additional capability—the TFD-7000 Series CRT-to-LCD Upgrade.

Comprising the TFD-7076 and TFD-7066 LCD displays, Thomas Global’s TFD-7000 Series represents a pioneering plug-and-play replacement for Rockwell Collins EDU-776C/D and EDU-766C/D cathode ray tube (CRT) displays installed in Boeing 757, 767 and 737 Classic flight decks. The displays will certify at the end of 2018, with production orders now being accepted for first quarter 2019 deliveries.

Developed with input from leading operators, the TFD-7000 Series is designed to drive down maintenance costs compared to keeping the legacy CRT displays, and eliminates the obsolescence threat and last-time buy commitments associated with old CRT technology. In addition, the TFD-7000 Series helps operators to avoid more extensive and expensive full flight deck upgrades – while sustaining aircraft operations and meeting operational requirements.

Thomas Global’s TFD-7000 Series displays usher in a new era for 757, 767 and 737 operators with:

  • Latest generation active matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD) technology
  • Significant increases in reliability, with higher dispatch and aircraft availability
  • Major reductions in maintenance costs; full new product warranty
  • Quick, plug-and-play conversion – no changes to flight deck wiring or panels
  • New displays fully interchangeable and intermixable with existing CRT displays
  • Major reductions in weight, heat and power consumption
  • No aircrew retraining, no AFM changes, no changes to flight simulators
  • Built-in growth provisions for additional future capability, based on Thomas Global’s
  • Adaptive Display Architecture™

“The TFD-7000 Series has been designed to provide Boeing 757, 767 and 737 operators with significantly more reliable flight deck displays at a reduced cost, and to extend the life of their existing flight decks. Thomas Global is doing everything we can to help operators equip with a state-of-the-art, cost-effective alternative to aging CRTs,” said Robert Riede, Director, Commercial for Thomas Global.

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