LCD Plug-and-Play Solution

Legacy ED-800 CRT Displays ATR42/ 72, Dash 8 and others

Key Benefits
  • Form, fit, and function replacement for legacy ED-800 CRT displays
  • Fully interchangeable with legacy displays
  • True plug-and-play with existing CRT units
    • Instant conversion – install on overnights or at gate
    • No changes to cockpit panels or wiring
    • No flight crew or maintenance retraining
  • Captures LCD technology benefits – higher MTBF at a lower cost of ownership over CRT displays
  • Advanced THOMAS ADA 2.0™ Adaptive Display Architecture adds functionality and capacity to support emerging requirements
  • Eliminates threat of CRT obsolescence

Practical Innovation

L3’s EFI-650 Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) display upgrade provides a plug-and-play replacement for the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) displays installed on a large number of business and regional aircraft. The EFI-650 uses the latest-generation Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD) technology and solid-state LED backlighting to eliminate the maintenance cost and obsolescence concerns associated with legacy CRTs.

The EFI-650 displays provide higher reliability, reduced weight and lower life-cycle cost.

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Viewable Area3.4” (h) x 4.53” (w)
Addressability6-bits per color
Resolution640 x 480 (VGA)
Color262,144 possible; Video interface supports palette of 13 colors + black
Luminance0.1 fL to ~150 fL
Viewing Angles±45° horizontal; +45°, -23° vertical
High Amb. Contrast Ratio>3:1 across viewing envelope
Dimensions (H x W x D)

w/inclinometer: 5.1” x 6.1” x 11.0”

w/out inclinometer: 5.1” x 6.1” x 10.5

WeightApprox. 5 lb.
CoolingPassive convective
HeatingIntegrated heater
Primary Power28VDC per DO-160G, Sec. 16, Cat. B; Operate thru 200 ms power interrupt
Power Consumption

<20 Watts

<35 Watts w/heater on

Bezel ConfigurationPhotosensors for automatic dimming in response to ambient light
Video InterfacesAnalog (stroke and raster) video
Video OutAnalog (stroke and raster)
Signal InterfacesAnalog and discrete
Other (i.e. inclinometer)Inclinometer is dimmable under control of aircraft lighting bus
Temperature & AltitudeSec. 4, Cat. A2
Low Operating Temp:Sec. 4.5.2, -20 °C
Low Short-Term Operating TempSec. 4.5.1, -40 °C
High Short-Term Operating TempSec. 4.5.3, +70 °C
High Operating TempSec. 4.5.4, +70 °C
Loss of Cooling TestSec. 4.5.5, 240 min @ 40 °C
Ground Survival Low TempSec. 4.5.1, -55 °C
Ground Survival High TempSec. 4.5.3, +85 °C
AltitudeSec. 4.6.1, 55,000 ft.
Decompression TestSec. 4.6.2, 55,000 ft.
Overpressure TestSec. 4.6.3, -15,000 ft.
Temperature VariationSec. 5, Cat. C
HumiditySec. 6, Cat. A
Operational Shocks & Crash SafetySec. 7, Cat. B
VibrationSec. 8, Cat. S(M), R(BB1)
Explosion ProofnessSec. 9, Cat. X
WaterproofnessSec. 10, Cat. W
Fluids SusceptibilitySec. 11, Cat. F
Sand and DustSec. 12, Cat. X
Fungus ResistanceSec. 13, Cat. X
Salt FogSec. 14, Cat. X
Magnetic EffectSec. 15, Cat. Z
Power Input:Sec. 16, Cat. BRX
Voltage SpikeSec. 17, Cat. A
Aud. Freq. Conducted Susceptibility Power InputsSec. 18, Cat. Z
Induced Signal SusceptibilitySec. 19, Cat. ZC/CC
Radio Frequency SusceptibilitySec. 20, Cat. MD
Emission of Radio Freq. EnergySec. 21, Cat. M
Lightning Induced Transient SusceptibilitySec. 22

Power Bundle: A4G3L3

Signal Wiring: A3J3L3

Lightning Direct EffectsSec. 23, Cat. X
IcingSec. 24, Cat. X
Electrostatic DischargeSec. 25, Cat. A
Fire FlammabilitySec. 26, Cat. C
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