TDI-800 Mach Air Speed Indicator

LCD Plug-and-Play Solution

Boeing 757/767 & 737-C Electromechanical Indicators

Key Benefits

  • Form, fit, and function replacement for SI-800 Mach Airspeed Indicator
  • True plug-and-play with existing electromechanical units
    • Instant conversion – install on overnights or at gate
    • No changes to cockpit panels or wiring
    • No flight crew or maintenance retraining
  • Eliminates threat of electromechanical MASI obsolescence
  • Captures LCD technology benefits – higher MTBF at a lower cost of ownership over electromechanical indicators
  • Eliminates parallax sensitivity/viewing errors
  • Increases response times vs electromechanical indicators
  • Includes 5-year warranty and world class Thomas Global support
  • Includes trade-in program for electromechanical indicators

Practical Innovation

The TDI-800 Mach Airspeed Indicator (MASI) leverages Thomas Global’s latest in-house innovation in analog to digital signal conversion to deliver an advanced performance plug-and-play LCD retrofit solution for Boeing 767/757/747/737-C aircraft.

Incorporating proven high performance AMLCD technology, and a comprehensive solid-state design, the TDI-800 MASI captures all the benefits of LCD technology, including higher MTBF (>50K FH) , flawless viewing performance, and faster response times, all at a lower cost of ownership over electromechanical indicators. The TDI-800 reliability and performance advances, coupled with plug-and-play conversion and a transparent flight crew interface, deliver a superior and low-risk replacement for legacy analog indicators.

Thomas Global proprietary technology is applicable to multiple round dial avionic indicators, including altimeters, airspeed indicators, and radio distance magnetic indicators (RDMIs).

The TDI-800 MASI and TDI-850 Barometric Altimeter are currently in development.

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Thomas Global Systems TDI-800 MASI


P/N 61T-9891-001/002

Honeywell Replaced MASI


P/N 4039891-903 thru -907

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