TFD-4000 Series

LCD Plug-and-Play Solution

Proline 4 Flight Decks (Bombardier CRJ Series and others)

Key Benefits
  • Cost effective form, fit, function replacements for EFD-4076 CRT displays
  • High performance, high resolution AMLCD technology, with LED backlight
  • High MTBF – lower cost of ownership vs. CRTs
  • True plug & play with existing CRT units
    – Instant conversion – no downtime for installation
    – No changes to cockpit panels or wiring
    – No pilot retraining
  • Eliminates threat of CRT obsolescence – extends Cockpit life
  • Significantly lower weight and power consumption
  • Advanced THOMAS ADA 2.0™ Adaptive Display Architecture provides growth path for additional functionality
  • 5 year warranty program and world class support

Practical Innovation

Thomas Global’s TFD-4000 Series is a cost-effective plug-and-play active matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD) replacement for Rockwell Collins EFD-4076 displays on Bombardier CRJ Series and other Proline 4 equipped aircraft. The innovative TFD-4000 Series has been developed with input from aircraft owners, operators and lessors and tackles the challenges of aging CRTs: providing a practical, cost effective upgrade for Proline 4 Cockpits.

Incorporating high performance AMLCD technology, the TFD-4000 Series eliminates CRT obsolescence threat, dramatically increases system reliability, and drives down maintenance costs.

The TFD-4000 Series allows operators to get the most out of their existing Proline 4 cockpit investment, avoiding expensive full cockpit retrofits and flight crew retraining. The TFD-4000 Series provides a growth platform for NextGen capabilities and evolving technologies such as ADS-B in.

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Thomas Global Systems TFD-4000 Series


P/N 61T-4000-001

Rockwell Collins EFD-4076


P/N 622-8529-XXX, 622-9810-XXX

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