TFD-7000 Series

LCD Plug-and-Play Solution

Boeing 757/767 & 737 Classic Flight Decks

Bringing new life to Boeing 757/767 and 737 Flight Decks, practically and efficiently

The TFD-7000 Series plug-and-play LCD solution allows Boeing 757/767 and 737 operators to deal with critical cathode ray tube (CRT) display obsolescence and capture all the benefits of the latest high performance LCD technology – without an expensive full cockpit retrofit and associated installation, downtime, and crew retraining costs. With power and weight savings, added functionality and capacity for current and future airspace requirements, Thomas Global’s TFD-7000 Series is the practical and efficient LCD retrofit.

Key Benefits
  • Form, fit, and function replacements for EDU776/EDU766 CRT displays
  • Fully interchangeable with legacy displays
  • True plug-and-play with existing CRT units (EFIS and EICAS)
    • Instant conversion – install on overnights or at gate
    • No changes to cockpit panels or wiring
    • No flight crew or maintenance retraining
  • Advanced THOMAS ADA 2.0™ Adaptive Display Architecture adds functionality and capacity to support emerging requirements
  • Eliminates threat of CRT obsolescence
  • Captures LCD technology benefits – higher MTBF at a lower cost of ownership over CRT displays
  • Common solutions across B767/757/737-C fleets
  • Solutions available soon for MASI/BaroAltimeter
  • Includes 5-year warranty and world class product support






Practical Innovation

The TFD-7000 Series LCD solution leverages Thomas Global’s latest in-house innovation in analog to digital signal conversion to deliver the only true plug-and-play LCD retrofit solution available for Boeing EFIS-equipped aircraft.

Incorporating high performance AMLCD technology, and a breakthrough A-D software core design, the TFD-7000 Series flight displays integrate seamlessly into the installed Boeing EFIS architecture. This practical and efficient LCD retrofit allows operators to eliminate the risks of CRT obsolescence and capture all of the benefits of LCD technology without an expensive full cockpit retrofit and its associated costs for installation, down-time, and crew retraining.

The TFD-7000 Series also adds functionality, including GPS Available, ADS-B Fail, and LPV annunciations, as well as a growth platform for NextGen capabilities and other evolving technologies.

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Thomas Global Systems

TFD-7000 LCD Series


P/N 61T-7999-003 (Brown Bezel)
P/N 61T-7999-013 (Gray Bezel)

TFD-7066 – EADI

P/N 61T-7998-003 (Brown Bezel)
P/N 61T-7998-013 (Gray Bezel)

Rockwell Collins

(Replaced CRT EDU)


EDU-776C P/N 622-5046-10X
EDU-776D P/N 622-7999-00X
EDU-776D P/N 622-7999-013

EDU-766 – EADI
EDU-766C P/N 622-5047-10X
EDU-776D P/N 622-7998-00X


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