TFD-7000 Series

LCD Plug-and-Play Solution

Boeing 757/767 and 737 Flight Decks

Bringing new life to Boeing 757/767 and 737 Flight Decks, practically and efficiently

High-performance plug-and-play AMLCD technology and a growth platform for new functionality

When you choose Thomas Global’s TFD-7000 Series LCD displays, brighter, clearer, high-resolution imaging is just the beginning. TFD-7000 Series LCD displays also deliver dramatic operational efficiency and life cycle cost improvements and a growth platform for added functionality – all in a plug-and-play solution that avoids a major flight deck modification and associated aircraft downtime and crew retraining costs.

Key Benefits

True plug-and-play solution – avoids major flight deck modifications
  • Form, fit LCD replacements for EDU-776/EDU-766 CRT displays
  • Integrates seamlessly into installed Boeing EFIS infrastructure
  • Requires no changes to aircraft wiring or panels
  • Can be installed on overnights or at the gate
  • Requires no flight or maintenance crew retraining or associated simulator upgrades
  • Offers a common solution across 757/767 and 737-C fleets
  • Fully interchangeable with legacy displays, including EICAS displays
  • Includes five-year comprehensive warranty
  • Solutions available for MASI/Baro Altimeter


Captures all AMLCD technology advantages
  • Latest Generation Active-Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (AMLCD) technology
  • Resolves CRT obsolescence issue
  • Increases display reliability by ~2x
  • Reduces shipset weight by ~82 lbs (37kg) for fuel savings or added payload
  • Significant reduction in maintenance costs
  • Eliminates cooling requirement
  • Reduces life cycle cost
  • Restores supply chain predictability
Added functionality and a platform for growth
  • GPS available, ADS-B Fail, LPV annunciations
  • Spare Card slot and 429 bus inputs
  • New RS-485 and discrete inputs
  • Graphical overlay capability for new annunciations
  • Expanded display area for added symbology

Practical Innovation

Thomas Global Systems offers the only plug-and-play LCD solution for CRT obsolescence available today for Boeing 757/767 and 737-Classic aircraft. The TFD-7000 LCD retrofit captures all the benefits of LCD technology in a proven solution with added functionality and growth capacity for emerging airspace requirements, avoiding a major flight deck modification with its associated aircraft downtime and crew retraining costs. With Thomas Global’s five-year comprehensive warranty and world-class product support, the TFD-7000 is the most practical and low-risk LCD solution for Boeing CRT-equipped aircraft available today.

TFD-7000 Series LCD Flight Displays are certified and available for:

  • Boeing 757
  • Boeing 767
  • Boeing 737–300/400/500

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Thomas Global Systems

TFD-7000 LCD Series


P/N 61T-7999-003 (Brown Bezel)
P/N 61T-7999-013 (Gray Bezel)

TFD-7066 – EADI

P/N 61T-7998-003 (Brown Bezel)
P/N 61T-7998-013 (Gray Bezel)

Rockwell Collins

(Replaced CRT EDU)


EDU-776C P/N 622-5046-10X
EDU-776D P/N 622-7999-00X
EDU-776D P/N 622-7999-013

EDU-766 – EADI
EDU-766C P/N 622-5047-10X
EDU-776D P/N 622-7998-00X

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